Publicist Edwin Miranda tried to conceal his propaganda work, but reports say otherwise

Although after the publication of the Telegram chat, Publicist Edwin Miranda-Reyes claimed that the political work discussed in those conversations was billed and paid for by the Ricardo Rosselló political committee, during the period included in the 889 published pages there were no checks made out or bills issued by the committee on behalf of his advertising agency, the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI in Spanish) found. Miranda is one of the 14 people who were referred last Friday by the Justice Department to the Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor Panel (SIP) to investigate whether they committed crimes during those conversations. The CPI had access to the income and expense reports submitted by Ricardo Rosselló’s political committee to the Electoral Comptroller in which every candidate is legally required to — on a quarterly basis — disclose the money collected by their committee through donations or political activities, as well as all expenses for services received that have been paid or are pending payment. Miranda-Reyes said in written statements on July 12, 2019: “The FP+1 agency is responsible for providing advertising services to Ricardo Rosselló’s Committee for tasks related to promoting political affairs. That company handles social media.

The 889 Pages of the Telegram Chat between Rosselló Nevares and His Closest Aides

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and his closest advisers, or “brothers” as he refers to them, did political campaign work during regular hours and used public resources, shows a Telegram group chat in which members discussed, among other things, how to control the political narrative through the island’s social media and press. The 889 pages conversation, which went on from late 2018 to Jan. 20, 2019, also reveal a fixation on political polls, some of which were manipulated to advance the public image of Gov. Rosselló Nevares and his administration. Chat members, moreover, made numerous sexual and misogynistic jokes, mocked journalists, activist groups and politicians of all parties, namely San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and fiscal control board officials such as its chairman, José Carrión, and its executive director, Natalie Jaresko, among many others. These are only some of the conclusions that emerge from 889 pages of a Telegram group chat, parts of which were leaked last month.

Las 889 páginas de Telegram entre Rosselló Nevares y sus allegados

Los participantes discutían temas de política pública e información privilegiada frente a personas que no tienen una relación oficial con el Gobierno. Los intercambios — que van desde finales de 2018 al 20 de enero de este año — también muestran la fijación y manipulación de sondeos políticos para adelantar la imagen pública del Gobernador y su administración.

Poor Management of Water Sources Aggravates Impact of the Drought in the Caribbean

In the region, the smaller islands have limited freshwater natural resources and some use expensive and polluting desalination plants. Although the larger islands have abundant rivers and aquifers, their reserves have diminished. In addition, the rise of the sea level, associated with climate change, exposes aquifers to contamination due to saline intrusion.