Gobierno reclama confidencialidad sobre gastos del comité político de Rosselló Nevares

A pesar de advertencias de irregularidades hechas desde el interior del comité de campaña y de las deficiencias referidas tras una auditoría del Contralor Electoral sobre pagos hechos durante el Verano de 2019, el Departamento de Justicia despachó como un asunto administrativo los hallazgos y lleva más de dos años en otra investigación que no ha dado resultados ni incluye a funcionarios públicos.

Puerto Rico Was Promised Billions for Safe Water. Taps Are Still Running Dry.

An analysis by CPI and The Post found that despite ample federal funding, less than 1 percent of the FEMA and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) money slated for the island’s public water utility corporation since 2018 has been set aside to buy generators for water pumps. Local officials instead relied on a patchwork supply of emergency units but failed to get many in place ahead of the storm and supply them with enough diesel.

Twice Without a Roof: Government Inefficiency Worsens Effects of Hurricanes and Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

It took Yahaira Santiago two years to fix the roof that Hurricane María ripped off her home at the La Playa de Ponce sector in the South coast. She had returned home only a few weeks before, when the Jan. 7 earthquake opened the earth in her backyard and left the structure unlivable once again. She didn’t even have time to paint what was built.

That same day, she and her husband, both municipal police officers, sought shelter and then joined the encampment that was built around the art installation that spells Ponce at one of the town’s entrances in the middle of the highway. They returned to their neighborhood after 22 days.