School’s Budget Data Still Unclear Four Years After Educational Reform

The Department of Education (DE) officially allocates school budgets considering the size of enrollment, the school community’s poverty level, the school’s academic program and students needs, as well as compliance with the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). But most school principals don’t understand the Department’s process for setting the cost per student. This is the conclusion from the interviews that the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI, in Spanish) conducted with a dozen school directors. If you look up Vimenti Alliance School’s cost per student on the DE School Profile webpage for 2020, it says $6,112. If you ask the Department’s Budget Office what the cost per student is for that same school for the same year, they’ll tell you it’s $3,241.

The crisis in Puerto Rico fills politicians and lobbyists’ pockets in the United States

The investment firms that are waiting to collect the $72 billion debt from the U.S. Commonwealth and its corporations have separated into two groups: those who are against and those who are in favor of the restructuring of the debt or that the island be included in Chapter 9 of the federal Bankruptcy Law. Politicians from both parties that are members of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, which has to evaluate the Chapter 9 measure for Puerto Rico and held a hearing in regards to this issue in September 2015, have received $327,250 in donations from the mutual fund and hedge fund companies that hold the islands bonds

La crisis de Puerto Rico llena el bolsillo de políticos y cabilderos en Estados Unidos

Políticos de ambos partidos que integran el Comité de Finanzas del Senado federal, el cual debe evaluar la medida relacionada a la crisis fiscal y económica de Puerto Rico, y que realizó una vista sobre el tema en septiembre de 2015, recibieron $327,250 en donativos de empresas de fondos mutuos y de fondos de cobertura que poseen bonos de Puerto Rico, indagó el Centro de Periodismo Investigativo.