Carlos Burgueño adelanta posibles escenarios de la crisis al Gobierno de Puerto Rico

Cómo parte de la crisis económica que vive Puerto Rico, el impacto emocional que tendría para la isla un embargo por parte de los bonistas sería tan fuerte como la huella financiera, de acuerdo con Carlos Burgueño, periodista y economista argentino, quien fue invitado por el Centro de Periodismo Investigativo para compartir la experiencia de su país natal.

The trajectory of hedge funds found in Puerto Rico

The track record of the hedge and vulture funds that have arrived to Puerto Rico is, in a way, a preview of what the island can expect during and after the contentious negotiation process of its debt. Until now, only a few of the names of the hedge and vulture fund companies referred to as the Ad Hoc Group of Puerto Rico are known, because the group, as well as La Fortaleza and the Government Development Bank (GDB), have refused to reveal the details of its members. The leading firms are Fir Tree Partners, Monarch, Perry Capital, Brigade, Centerbridge, Davidson Kempner, and Stone Lion. That we know. The Center for Investigative Journalism managed to make a compendium of their profiles and gathered some data on its top executives collected from official documents of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or from reports mainly published by foreign media.

Out in the open, hedge funds in Puerto Rico

Although the government protects the identity of hedge and vulture funds companies that hold part of the island’s debt, the Center for Investigative Journalism developed and verified the most complete list of the companies that are getting ready to renegotiate or demand complete payment of the debt.