Agriculture Secretary with Direct Links to a Company that Sells Equipment to Farmers Using Federal Re-Grow Money

González Beiró doesn’t think that his presence in this and other agriculture-related activities could pressure farmers to buy equipment from the company in which he and his wife, Mariliana Bennazar Torres, are direct beneficiaries. The equipment is showcased and promoted at events that he attends or that are sponsored by the Department of Agriculture.

New Fortress Breaches Contract on Gas Supply, Puerto Rico’s Government Allows It

The narrative of high-ranking New Progressive Party leaders, such as former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his successor, Wanda Vázquez, praised the signing of New Fortress. After Hurricane Maria, which in 2017 destroyed the electrical grid and caused one of the longest blackouts in history, officials described the contract with the company as one of the most important for Puerto Rico.

US Supreme Court Should Not Believe the Board’s Made-Up Drama to Dodge Transparency in Puerto Rico

The controversy has made its way through the marble columns of the US Supreme Court, and in a motion dated August 23, the CPI’s legal team argued how the Board is inviting that forum to plunge into a “procedural morass” of legal problems regarding Puerto Rico that the high forum has evaded addressing, or that it does not have to address, simply because the fiscal entity doesn’t want to be transparent.