Cordillera Central

The Mirage of the Panoramic Route 

The tour through the mountains offers Puerto Rico’s most emblematic natural views, while reflecting government abandonment, the slow pace of post-Hurricane María reconstruction, and the urgency of funds for a new management plan.

El espejismo de la Ruta Panorámica

El recorrido por las montañas ofrece las vistas naturales más emblemáticas de Puerto Rico, mientras refleja el abandono gubernamental, la lentitud de la reconstrucción poshuracán María y la urgencia de fondos para un nuevo plan de manejo.

New Fortress Breaches Contract on Gas Supply, Puerto Rico’s Government Allows It

The narrative of high-ranking New Progressive Party leaders, such as former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his successor, Wanda Vázquez, praised the signing of New Fortress. After Hurricane Maria, which in 2017 destroyed the electrical grid and caused one of the longest blackouts in history, officials described the contract with the company as one of the most important for Puerto Rico.