Puerto Rico’s Chronically Ill Health System Blocks Effective COVID-19 Response

While Joshua James Sánchez Antillón was hospitalized, seriously ill due to COVID-19, his father, Luis Ángel “Wichy” Sánchez Soler, got a bill for $65,000. It did not even itemize the services the hospital was providing. The invoice issued by HIMA San Pablo Caguas hospital stated that, if signed, he would have 15 days to pay the amount. Wichy Sánchez Soler, who at that time was mourning his father’s death, also due to COVID-19, decided not to sign because he didn’t know what they were charging him for, or how he was going to be able to pay. At that point, the hospital did not offer advice or payment options.

A year later, legal authorities have yet to close investigation into the Telegram chat ‘brothers’

A year after the conversations between former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his closest collaborators contained in 889 pages of a Telegram chat were revealed, the Special Independent Prosecutor Panel (PFEI, in Spanish) has been unable to gain access to the full chat, nor has it sought that any of the involved becomes a witness to the investigation, at least two sources consulted by the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI, in Spanish) confirmed. The Special Independent Prosecutors in charge of the investigation have until August 25 to complete the investigation they have going on into the six “brothers” referred to by the Office of the Panel of the Special Independent Prosecutor (OPFEI, in Spanish) in the resolution issued on February 13. The CPI learned that so far, prosecutors have not requested to add other possible parties, nor have they asked for more time to complete the investigation. The Government shutdown due to the pandemic by COVID-19 gave the investigation a second wind, a year after the scandal that caused Rosselló Nevares’ exit from La Fortaleza. The result of the investigation into the possible crimes that could have been committed is still unknown.

Selling Dreams to Puerto Rico’s Young Ballplayers

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”
Yogi Berra

A rifle is not a baseball bat, but with luck, there are baseball bats that, combined with books, avoid that rifle. For Edwin Calderón Santana, the bat turned into a rifle, and today he spends the days of the pandemic in a room at Fort Lewis, a military base in Washington state. The soldier pauses his routine and reminisces. “I wanted to be a baseball player, that was my dream since I was little,” says the 24-year-old guy. During the video call he goes over the incident he believes he has overcome.

Solicitud de renuncia a Secretaria de Justicia fue por recomendar un FEI para la gobernadora Wanda Vázquez en el caso de los almacenes

El informe que refiere al PFEI a la Gobernadora y al Secretario de Estado es producto de una investigación de carácter criminal sobre la operación del almacén con suministros de la Agencia Federal de Manejo de Emergencia (FEMA) que fue descubierto en Ponce por ciudadanos el 19 de enero del 2020.

Las hipotecas reverse en Puerto Rico fracasan el doble que en Estados Unidos, en perjuicio de los consumidores

En los últimos años, las ejecuciones de hipotecas reverse por incumplimiento con requisitos técnicos están en su nivel más alto en Estados Unidos. Puerto Rico es uno de los lugares donde más ocurre este problema, casi al doble del promedio de EE UU