Dorado: A ‘Paradise’ of Inequities and Climate Emergency

Just over a mile of coastline separates Pocita Julio Barroso Valentín and Kikita Beach from the most exclusive beaches on the grounds of the Embassy Suites Hotel and the controlled access neighborhoods of the Dorado del Mar residential complex. All those beaches are in the Higuillar neighborhood in Dorado. “La Pocita” and Kikita Beach, located in the Mameyal sector, see their main access gate closed at 6 p.m., as dictated by a municipal ordinance that went into effect in 2018, after residents of the area demanded peace at night. Some residences in the area known as “La Pocita” in the Mameyal sector are for sale for between $60,000 and $100,000, as I saw on property sales pages. A cyclone fence with a green mesh defines the other reality, to the west of Mameyal, where the beaches of the Embassy Suites Hotel and Dorado del Mar are located.