Empresas multinivel prometen una libertad que deja a muchas por debajo del salario mínimo

También bautizadas como redes de mercadeo, o network marketing, estas empresas necesitan del constante reclutamiento de nuevas representantes y consultoras, cuyas ventas alimentan las comisiones de otras personas en niveles más altos de la organización y aportan ingresos a la compañía. Su objetivo principal son las mujeres. Según un estudio realizado por AARP en 2018, el 60% de las personas que trabajaban en este tipo de empresas en Estados Unidos son mujeres.

EPA Took Six Years to Regulate Toxic Emission in Puerto Rico That Could Cause Cancer

Since 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to demand that seven companies that use ethylene oxide to sterilize medical equipment in Puerto Rico take measures to mitigate impacts on communities, such as the danger of cancer from long-term exposure. But it will not be until 2023 that there will be a regulation in place that requires a 99.99% reduction in emissions of this chemical, said Carmen Guerrero Pérez, director of the Caribbean Environmental Protection Division at EPA. Current regulations only require these companies to reduce EtO emissions by 99%, even though it has been known since 2016 that exposure to the chemical can cause cancer. Of the seven sterilization companies established in Puerto Rico, EPA identified four as the riskiest for the communities: Edwards Lifesciences Technology Sarl, in Añasco; Steri-Tech, in Salinas; Customed, in Fajardo; and Medtronic Puerto Rico, in Villalba. The remaining three are Medtronic, in Juncos; Guidant Puerto Rico (now Boston Scientific), in Dorado; and St.

Department of Education Ordered to Cancel Contract With Charter School With Shady Record

Education canceled the contract or constitutive letter of what would be the branch of the South Bronx Charter School for International Cultures & the Arts (SBCSICA) in Puerto Rico. The termination of the agreement came after the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) ordered the agency “to show cause regarding the awarding of the contract,” 20 days after the CPI revealed that this charter had accusations from the Office of the Comptroller of New York and that an incorporator of the Neighborhood Association For Inter-Cultural Affairs–Puerto Rico (NAICA-PR), Richard Izquierdo Arroyo, pleaded guilty to embezzling funds from another nonprofit organization he chaired in New York.

Post-Maria Law, Aimed At Providing Diesel to Radio Stations in an Emergency, Is Useless

In the midst of the collapse of the island’s electrical system after Hurricane Fiona, the Bureau for Emergency and Disaster Management failed to comply with the Essential Communicators Act, which compels that agency to facilitate access to fuel for broadcasters, who found it hard to fill their backup electric generators with diesel.