Companies with Shady Background Interested in Contract Bid to Transfer Puerto Rico’s Inmates to the US

Last Tuesday, 13 men and three women met in a room at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR, for its initials in Spanish.)  They were waiting for the Auction Board’s orientation regarding its Request for Proposals for the relocation of 3,200 Puerto Rico prisoners to U.S. private jails. An experiment that was done before and failed. Seated on the first row was Brian Ferrell, VP of Proposals Development for CoreCivic, one of the leading administrators of private prisons in the United States. Next to him was Attorney Lizzie Portela-Fernández, of McConnell Valdés, a legal firm that lobbies in favor of CoreCivic in the Puerto Rico House of Representatives. Also, in the first row, but on the opposite side, were Dan Joslin and Mike Murphy, executives of Management Training Corporation.

Shadowing Naomi Klein in Puerto Rico

Naomi Klein sailed from Jobos Bay in Salinas toward Cayo Caribe, an islet off the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Students, community leaders and fishermen were on board the small boat. It sits next to Boca del Infierno: an area where the Caribbean Sea currents meets the bay; where there are corals, queen conchs, cocolías (small crabs) and lobsters; and where a pipeline, intended to convert the oil-fired Aguirre Thermoelectric Powerplant into natural gas, would pass. Near the bay is the John F. Kennedy Plaza, an open area with benches and trees that survived the powerful winds of Hurricane María. An archway, still decorated with Christmas lights and garlands, marks the piece of land where there is a gravestone with the name of the deceased president and the dates of his birth and murder, a flower vase with faux roses atop, and a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Naomi Klein en Puerto Rico: “No es shock, es el trauma lo que se ha estado explotando”

Klein está en la Isla para hacer investigación para The Intercept, uno de los medios con los que trabaja, y para participar este viernes, 26 de enero a las 10:00 am de un foro público llamado De los Desastres del Capitalismo al Capitalismo del Desastre: Resistencias y Alternativas, en el anfiteatro de Estudios Generales del Recinto de Río Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans Displaced by Hurricane María Encountered Intolerable Conditions in NYC Shelters

On the morning of December 8, Nellyan Velázquez and her three-year-old daughter left Puerto Rico for New York, unaware of what their fate would be. After a long wait at the Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) building in the Bronx that lasted past midnight, a school bus arrived and took them to Brooklyn. Once in Brooklyn, they spent the night in a building without an elevator. Their room was “super disgusting.” The mattresses had no sheets.